This page is a list of all the latest releases of the programs I made. Older versions will be kept here as well, just in case. I've also included some links on the right to some great mods from friends. If you need help, either email me from the address in the readme, or find me at RaceDepartment.

As of January 7, 2013, I decided to change the version numbers to "MajorRelease.MinorRelease.YYYY.MMDD". MajorRelease is basically the total count of major releases, and MinorRelease is for the bug fix release version.


Any donations I recieve go towards helping me pay for my college education and, in turn, funding future development of these programs. Even just one dollar can help and is enough to show your appreciation.

Ryder BXML Convertor

The program converts any binary xml files in the Dirt/Grid/Dirt 2/F1 2010/Dirt 3/F1 2011/Dirt Showdown/F1 2012/Grid 2 games.

Version Downloads
1.3.2012.0914 (1.3)
1.2.2012.0608 (1.2)
1.1.2011.0404 (1.1)

EGO CTF Editor

With this program you can edit CarTuningFile (CTF,CSV) files for the Dirt/Grid/Dirt 2/F1 2010/Dirt 3/F1 2011/Dirt Showdown/F1 2012 games/Grid 2. These files contain car performance data.

Version Downloads
4.0.2013.0530 (4.0)
3.1.2013.0107 (3.1)
1.1.2012.1005 (1.1)
1.0.2012.0606 (1.0)

EGO Database Editor

This program will allow you to edit the database.bin file from Grid/Dirt 2/F1 2010/Dirt 3/F1 2011/F1 2012/F1 2013. In the file you can edit tons of things like events, ai skill levels, vehicles, teams and so much more.

Version Downloads
11.0.2013.1006 (11.0)
2.2.2012.0919 (2.2.1)
2.1.2011.0921 (2.1)
2.0.2011.0530 (2.0)
1.6.2011.0123 (1.6.1)

Ryder JPK Extractor

Untouched since March of 2011, I never got around to completely finishing, and releasing it. I still don't have the time to, but it works, and opens JPK files, the most important of which is "raceload.jpk".

Version Downloads
1.0.2013.0106 (1.0)

Ryder Language Editor

This program provides a nice GUI for editing language files for the Grid/Dirt 2/F1 2010/Dirt 3/F1 2011/Dirt Showdown/F1 2012/Grid 2 games.

Version Downloads
3.0.2013.0311 (3.0)
1.1.2011.0616 (1.1)
1.0.2011.0611 (1.0)

Ego PSSG Editor

This program opens PSSG files for the Codemasters' Dirt, Grid, and F1 games.

Version Downloads
10.0.2014.1226 (10.0)
2.0.2012.0919 (2.0.1)
1.8.2011.0924 (1.8.1)
1.7.2011.0530 (1.7.2)
1.6.2010.1225 (1.6.2)

EGO TNG Editor

Application to edit TNG files for the Dirt 2/F1 2010/Dirt 3/F1 2011/Dirt Showdown/F1 2012/Grid 2 games.

Version Downloads
1.0.2013.0526 (1.0)

Ryder Mod Manager

This program lets you easily organize your mods for a multiple amount of games and install/uninstall them with a click of a button without having to worry about backing up/restoring.

Version Downloads
1.2.2011.0424 (1.2)
1.1.2011.0313 (1.1)

Fergo BinXML

NOTE: Some XML files are incorrectly converted by this program. BXML Converter is more up to date. I'm providing it here to pay respect to Gulbroz for original application ;)

Fergo's BinXML allows you to visually select multiple XML files to encode/decode, with a very simple and straightforward interface. Gulbroz is the actual author of the bin to xml converter and Fergo is the author of the UI.

Version Downloads
1.1 (Gul 2008/Fer 2010)